Welcome to hell my website! . . . .[[[UNDER CONSTRUCTION]]]. . . .
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Howdy! I'm Rot.
Hello hello, I'm a disabled artist/creator with aphantasia. I rarely ever have any idea what I'm doing, but I'll keep fucking around and having fun until I find out. 👽

My main creative focuses are in visual art/drawing and music, but I like to do a bunch of different creative stuff. Including but not limited to - Design, writing, sewing, 3d model texturing, singing, hell i used to cosplay a ton too! if it's creative I've probably tried at least once.

This website is basically for me to showcase all my different hobbies and passions, as well as being a handy dandy one stop shop for all my links to social media, online shops, ways to support me, and etc. Have fun looking around and clicking some links and stuff. (●'◡'●)
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[ 5th of May, 2024 ]

Updated my main page! Still figuring out the aesthetic I want for my website honestly, but we'll get there eventually :'))

Will probably post random little site updates or statuses and moods and things in this window. Like what's going on in my life etc.